Lost In Yesterday – The latest single from Tame Impala

On the 8th of January Tame Impala released Lost In Yesterday, the last single from their next album, The Slow Rush, which will be released next month.

First things first, what a single it is. The lyrics explore the ever changing state of memories: over time, views on past events become distorted and the feelings attached can change completely. This is a topic pretty much everyone can relate to, which in itself depicts an air of nostalgia. There is a certain feeling of inclusiveness when listening to this track, it’s an anthem of the masses.

Alongside its expansive storyline, Lost In Yesterday has a rhythmic stature of synthesised disco. The bassline is a prominent feature of the track and amplifies the groovy dynamics present. And of course, we had to touch on the incredible vocals of Kevin Parker. His voice blends perfectly with the style of instrumentation, there’s a perfect balance between power and tenderness. It’s sure to be a festival favourite due to its vibrancy and will most certainly not get ‘lost in yesterday’ as its presence is immense.

The Slow Rush will be released on the 14th of February 2020 and Tame Impala have already confirmed future live performances, such as All Points East festival in London. We’d highly recommend seeing Tame Impala live if you get the chance and make sure you have a listen to the other singles that have already been released.