Introducing Shaun: The latest single from PLAY DEAD

Today, the latest single from up and coming band PLAY DEAD titled Shaun was put out to listeners. It’s a rather vibrant track, laced with a lightheartedness that imitates the carefree feeling of spending a Saturday down the pub. Maintaining high energy and a punchy sound throughout, it’s in keeping with PLAY DEAD’s signature upbeat punk style. 

It tells the rather entertaining story of Shaun,  boyfriend of bassist Ollie Clarke’s Nan who’s often described as ‘a gentle giant’. It’s clear to see he’s a man with a somewhat social buoyancy, who like the rest of us enjoys a nice pint and a pie (as well as a bit of Coldplay). However, his short temper has led to some rather intriguing incidents. The most notable taking place in Brixton, when a short fuse resulted in what could only be described as a classic pub brawl. PLAY DEAD’s latest song deems Saturday night alright for fighting. 

With a playful narrative that loosely mimics The Streets and nods to influences such as IDLES, PLAY DEAD maintain flexibility within their sonic style. They not only efficiently captured the comedy and charisma of Shaun lyrically but also through the dynamic instrumentation. Their brazen attitude and desire to make a (well-received) noise has allowed them to tell a fast-paced tale and also to gather the attention of other music lovers.

It’s admirable how much the band has achieved so far. Being only sixteen and producing such a high standard of music leads us to believe that they have an exciting future ahead of them. Make sure you have a listen to their previous release, Whitstable, which is another song bounding with liveliness and charm.  

Recently, a fan favourite and major influence on this budding band, The Streets released their latest album titled  ‘None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive.’ Before digging into their twelve new tracks and maybe your pie of choice be sure to give PLAY DEAD a listen. Their new track could leave a taste in your mouth that tops Steak and Ale.

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Introducing Document: The Post-Punk Powerhouse Taking Manchester’s Music Scene By Storm

Recently we have been drawn into the dark and brooding world of Document, a post-punk band whose sound is particularly potent and full of atmosphere.

Back in March, they released their first EP: A Camera Wanders All Night. Made up of 5 well-refined songs that each have a dark and twisted tale to tell, sonically resonating perfectly with the modern revival of punk.

The Spy Who Came In from the Cold, for example, is a robust display of character-focused lyricism that is extremely well-developed. It combines perfectly with the aura of the instrumentation, generating a rather cinematic and extremely enticing storyline. There’s an underlying feeling of nostalgia hidden within Document’s music, hints of influences and ideas that shape their songs into something truly meaningful.

The vocals play a rather important role in each track, acting as the narrative’s vessel. The delivery is somewhat poetic; it’s consuming and rather admirable how well the style and emotional undertones complement the instrumentation. The guitars are absolute, with riffs that ring in your ears, tearing away at any predetermined ideas of what each song might hold. In addition, the drums and bass work perfectly to deepen their tracks, creating layers of drama and soulfulness.

There’s something particularly intriguing about the band’s musical mystique, their ability to spark emotiveness in such an infectiously powerful way is what really caught our eye. Every song is an experience, reaffirming the idea of their sonic maturity.

Document are a powerhouse fronting the resurgence of the post-punk scene, leaving us to wonder what exciting prospects the future may hold – they most certainly are a band to watch. Their next gig is at The Soup Kitchen in Manchester, an intimate 200 capacity venue right in the heart of the city. It’s great to see it sold out so make sure you watch out for future dates!

For fans of The Murder Capital, IDLES, Joy Division, and Shame.

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