The Amazons – Future Dust Expanded Edition Release

Back in May 2019, The Amazons released their second album, Future Dust. Over 7 months later, we’ve been lucky enough to have an expanded edition of the album.

The expanded version includes 3 new releases:

-Mother (Acoustic)

-Heart Of Darkness 


Heart Of Darkness 

Since its release, we’ve been listening to Heart Of Darkness nonstop. It has an extremely fiery attitude, with an immediate and high energy dynamic right from the start. It’s a fitting outlet to expand the album and its universe through. Incorporating previous track titles into the lyrics, such as End Of Wonder, it really does feel like a vital part of the grand finale and the closing of the Future Dust era. 

The vocals really stand out in this track, especially in the verse, as they have quite an emotive demeanor. When building up to the guitar solo at the end of the track, we hear an almost growing of strength and power within the vocals which charges the energy of the song. The bass line is an unsung hero within the track, not only complimenting the rest of the instrumentation but also adding to the dynamic with confidence. Overall, the musical makeup of Heart Of Darkness really is impressive and most certainly combines to create a pretty great song. 


Howlin is brazen, the instrumentation is audacious and the lyrics have a sort of parallelism to them. They appear rather intrepid at first, and yet there is an air of tenderness as a result of their contents, its delivery creates an entirely different narrative to the story they verbally contain.  

To expand on its instrumentation, Howlin has an assertive stance which is vital for a good rock track. The drums, whilst not being overpowering, generate the robustness needed to maintain an atmosphere of vigor. In other words, their pounding beats really do power the track forward. 

In addition, the guitar riffs are a key element to the basis of the song, not only accompanying the vocals but also strengthening the punch the song has, with its rich aura making it extremely memorable.

We’ d highly recommend seeing them live if you get the chance, they most certainly do put on a great show. Check out their live show dates and venues here:

Author: Liv Green

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